Hello there!

I’m Abbas Arezoo, Digital Creative Manager at Vivid Creative. I live and work in Sheffield, UK.

My primary role at Vivid is to lead, manage and oversee all digital creative projects. Vivid is a branding agency based in Sheffield and we work with a huge range of clients from start-ups to established global brands.

Skills to pay the bills

  • Front-end development
  • Creative direction
  • User interface design
  • Digital strategy
  • Project management
  • User experience

Skills that cost money

  • Mountain biking (foolish newbie)
  • Football (retired)
  • Music
  • Shelf making

You can find me on Twitter where I normally re-tweet designery niceness. I post a lot of uninspiring prototype examples on Codepen. This site is built using Jekyll and is hosted on Github pages. You can fork the code from my Github.

My name means lion in arabic.